Michigan State Football: New staff saved chances with 4-star OT Rayshaun Benny

Mel Tucker, Michigan State football (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Mel Tucker, Michigan State football (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

Rayshaun Benny is one of the best prospects in the state of Michigan for 2021 and the new Michigan State football staff salvaged the Spartans’ chances.

If you’ve been following Michigan State’s recruiting over the past couple of weeks, you’d realize that the new coaching staff is lighting it up with five commitments in the middle of a pandemic.

Not only that, but Mel Tucker and Co. have gotten Michigan State back in the race for some of the state’s top targets such as Donovan Edwards, Andrel Anthony, Jamari Buddin and even Rayshaun Benny.

The name that stands out the most from that group, outside of maybe Edwards, is Benny and it’s because Michigan State wasn’t much of a factor in his recruitment under the former coaching staff. How do we know this? He admitted just that to 247Sports‘ Sam Webb.

"“Before Coach Tucker got there I was pretty much about to write Michigan State off,” Benny said. “I just didn’t feel it there. But I’ve been up there. I was up there at the Ohio State (basketball) game.  That was my first time meeting him. He’s a straightforward guy. Him and Coach Kap (Kapilovic) recruited me to Colorado, so he’s cool. I liked his energy and his vibe. Everybody that was up there seemed real invested in making a family feel up there. I like that. That’s what I look for in a college. So that really meant something.”"

While it’s not clear how much Mark Dantonio actually recruited Benny, what is apparent is the fact that Tucker has made him a priority. Having an offensive line coach like Chris Kapilovic also helps matters because he’s one of the best in the business.

This isn’t the first in-state recruit to give Michigan State another shot because of the fresh outlook and aggressive recruitment from the new coaching staff and it won’t be the last.

Michigan State is in good shape when it comes to Benny but it’ll have to fight off Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Iowa as this seems like a Big Ten-heavy battle.

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Tucker is killing it on the recruiting trail and the progress made with Benny, the nation’s No. 127 overall prospect, has been a perfect example.