Michigan State Football: Don’t expect many jet sweeps from Mel Tucker

First-year Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker took to Twitter for a little Q&A and he made fans happy with his comment about jet sweeps.

When Mel Tucker was hired, Michigan State fans had no idea what he would bring to the table in the offseason. What would the team look like this spring? Would he build a winning team in year one or would it take time?

Those questions can’t yet be answered because football is on hold under the spread of COVID-19 is under control but there’s something else fans didn’t know about Tucker: he’s a Twitter legend.

What do I mean by this? He’s subtly putting Colorado trolls in their places, showing off his Jordans, snapping pics of his dogs and giving an inside look into his life. He’s a great follow on Twitter, especially because he’s so interactive with fans — that’s not something Mark Dantonio did all that much.

It’s refreshing to see a head coach so connected with a fanbase, especially one that he’s just getting familiar with. He’a already winning over Spartan fans and he expedited that process during his Twitter Q&A on Wednesday.

Tucker was asked by a fan what he thinks of jet sweeps and his answer was perfect:


As Spartan fans know, Dave Warner’s patented jet sweep to the short side of the field was one of the most loathed plays in Michigan State football history. Fans hated to see it, yet it was run about 4-5 times a game and it never worked.

Judging by Tucker’s answer, he doesn’t seem to have the play in his offense (let’s hope Jay Johnson feels the same way).

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Don’t expect many jet sweeps from Michigan State in the future — man, is that weird to say/read or what?

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