Michigan State Football: Why 2019 is Mark Dantonio’s most important season

Expectations are high for Michigan State football in 2019 and so are the risks. Can it put 2019 together and elevate the future of the Spartan program?

Michigan State football is just about here and with that come expectations and standards. For the Spartans, the idea is clear — we know the issue with the team and we know what has to change.

But the thing Spartan fans cant overlook is how important 2019 is for Michigan State, specifically for head coach Mark Dantonio.

Why is 2019 the most important season yet for Dantonio and Co.?

Dantonio’s legacy

Theres no question Dantonio is a legend in the game, but within these last four years the inconsistency has shown. With Dantonio not making any major coaching changes, all eyes are on him to see what will come of this season. Success will bring him high praise but if anything goes wrong with this campaign, expect the wolves at the door. This is the ultimate risk.

Future of recruiting

Michigan State has done well with player personnel and the Spartans have been capable of developing recruits well. The list of low-rated players who’ve excelled is too long to name, but Michigan State needs to keep the cycle going.

While Michigan State doesn’t run for five-star and four-star guys regularly, it still recruits and competes with guys being offered by elite programs. If 2019 goes anything like last season, Spartan recruiting could be effected. If the Spartans are able to snag 10-11 wins this season that could really jump start the recruiting and bring in more talent and maximize what Michigan State could be. Another aspect that could easily sway either way based off this season.

National spotlight

For a short period, Michigan State was considered a legitimate top-level program that could compete with anyone and the Spartans haven’t quite lost that title yet but it’s for sure fading away. Michigan State needs to get back to beating and competing with the best. If the Spartans can put this year together, it could bring them back into the spotlight and have the nation considering Michigan State a legit pick again.

Too much talent

Let’s be honest, theres way too much talent on this team offensively and defensively to waste this year. Injuries crippled 2018 but there should be no excuse this season. Michigan State can’t waste this team in 2019. The Spartans have multiple NFL players and if 2019 is a dud not only will it be wasted talent but it will undoubtedly raise the question of if this team is capable of ever winning at a high level again. If Michigan State can’t put it together with this roster, it could get a little scary for Spartan fans.

Fan support

It’s no surprise that Spartan fans are getting irritated with the product from the Rocky chants in the middle of the Ohio State game or the roaring boos being yelled from the stands. Even the ticket sales have dipped. Fact is, Michigan State can rejuvenate the morale and fan support if they can win big games and get that 2013-15 swagger back. Spartan fans are lucky to have Big Ten title expectations every year but fans also need something to be excited about. A sloppy year isn’t the way to do it.

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The risks and rewards for 2019 are clear. Michigan State has a lot of questions to answer and points to prove. This season will be the most important one yet.

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