Michigan State Football: Tyler Higby has plenty to prove in 2019

Tyler Higby has had a rough couple of seasons on the offensive line, but the Michigan State football senior lineman is facing a critical 2019 season.

Taking home the Up Front Award in 2018, which is given to Michigan State’s top offensive lineman, might seem like a big deal for Tyler Higby, but when the unit was as big a disaster as it was, the honor is taken with a grain of salt.

Some may even be surprised to see that he was listed as the Spartans’ best offensive lineman in 2018, especially since he had such a rough junior campaign. He was constantly getting beat off the ball and the staff couldn’t find a set spot for him on the offensive line from center to guard to even left tackle.

Higby struggled and was seemingly always the butt of jokes about the mediocre offensive line, but he didn’t let it get him down. He now enters the 2019 season with 26 career starts under his belt, so the experience is there and he’s projected to start at left guard ahead of Luke Campbell.

Mark Dantonio has always been high on Higby and his career started on a positive note as he showed potential early on, but his recent slump has some doubting his abilities.

The 2019 season is actually incredibly important for Higby as his leash may be shorter than anyone else up front. If he can’t prove to be a consistent figure up front, he could find himself playing behind Campbell or even Matt Carrick on the line, so he has plenty to prove.

Though he’s a senior and it’s not technically a “make-or-break” year for him because it won’t affect his future in East Lansing, it’s a critical season for him if he wants a chance at the next level.