Michigan State Football: Neon green alternate uniform concept leaked

Michigan State football helmet (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Michigan State football helmet (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Everyone loves alternate uniforms, but Michigan State football fans may not be too pleased with this neon green-accented idea.

Michigan State and Nike have been known to mix it up a bit when it comes to alternate uniforms in years past.

The basketball and football teams had bronze-accented alternates, the football team even has an all-white look that actually was a hit with the fans — especially the helmet. Heck, the basketball team has a black with neon green writing look, which may not be as popular.

The most eye-popping had to be the lime green uniforms worn in Denzel Valentine’s final season in 2014-15 against Maryland which featured the famous Matt Costello-Tom Izzo hug.

Everyone loves a good alternate uniform, but the latest football concept leak may not be as popular with the fans — especially those who love the classic look.

Yes, the neon green is back. Fans thought they got rid of it after basketball season and that the worst thing that would happen to the football team was a bronze helmet look. Wrong.

Nike has rarely failed, in my opinion, when it comes to cool looks and alternate concepts with Michigan State, but this neon green Spartan head on the helmet is, well, interesting.

Personally, I’m not totally against neon green, but this looks too much like a Baylor/Oregon concept and not enough like Michigan State. It’s unique, but a better look would be a black alternate uniform with a white Spartan logo and writing.

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We could see these brand new alternates this Saturday afternoon during the Spartans’ spring game. We can expect a relatively adverse reaction from the fans, but if the players like them, who cares?