Michigan State Football: 8 most memorable calls of Mark Dantonio era

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1. Michigan has trouble with the snap (2015)

The call: “Whoa, he has trouble with the snap. And the ball is free. It’s picked up by Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson, and he scores! On the last play of the game. Unbelievable.”

Ask any Michigan State fan and they’ll recite this line on the spot — it was that good.

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Sean McDonough became a household name in the state of Michigan after this call as it was repeated endlessly just about everywhere you went. It’s also one of those calls that gets better with time, which isn’t easy to do.

Michigan State found itself in a sticky situation with just 10 seconds left and Michigan forced to punt. The Spartans set up and all-out block on punter Blake O’Neill with no return man back. If he got the punt off cleanly, the Wolverines would have beaten the Spartans in Jim Harbaugh’s first season.

However, that wasn’t the case as O’Neill had trouble with the snap and the ball bounced free. It was picked up by Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson, and he scored, on the last play of the game — see what I did there?

If you’re like most Michigan State fans, you were probably jumping around so much you didn’t realize what had really happened. If you’re a Michigan fan, you hate this call.

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