Michigan State Football: Top 30 games in school history

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30. MSU vs. Wisconsin (2004)

Leading 21-14 with a 4th-and-goal looming right before the half, Wisconsin’s Anthony Davis leaped toward the Spartans’ goal-line, expecting an easy, game-tying score only to feel the wrath of two Spartan defenders who forced the turnover on downs, giving Michigan State a seven-point lead at half against he No. 4 Badgers who happened to be 9-0 and chasing a national title.

Wisconsin went into this one as huge favorites, expecting to run away with a victory over the 5-5 John L. Smith-coached Michigan State Spartans. However, East Lansing proved to be a tougher place to play than the Badgers had expected.

Little did Wisconsin know that Davis leap toward the end zone would be the Badgers’ last shot at a touchdown, or score of any kind, for the rest of the game.

Michigan State scored four touchdowns in the second half to route the Badgers 49-14 in one of the most lopsided unranked vs. top-five matchups ever.

Damon Dowdell didn’t put up huge numbers for Michigan State through the air, but it was the rushing game that really propelled a victory. The Spartans finished with 430 yards and three touchdowns, led by Jehuu Caulcrick’s 146 on just 13 carries.

Routes over heavy favorites are always fun to see.

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