Top 5 Jason Richardson dunks from his impressive NBA career

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1. “The dunk contest is back”

Remember all the way back when Golden State uniforms had like 10 colors on them? Well, that’s when Jason Richardson made the dunk of a lifetime in which he won the NBA Dunk Contest with quite possibly the best slam of all time.

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This was the dunk that sealed one of his two NBA Dunk Contest crowns and it had the announcers, the ever-popular TNT guys, jumping for joy because they had never seen a dunk like this before. Richardson has been the inspiration behind many ‘360’ between-the-legs dunks in contests nowadays, but it will never again be done as well as his was.

Seeing the face of Michael Jordan after he watched Richardson complete the most iconic dunk in recent contest history was priceless as he was trying not to gush over the second-year player and show that he was really excited.

When was the last time you saw a between-the-legs ‘360’ done this well and where a player’s head nearly grazes the rim on the way to throwing it down to perfection? That’s right, J-Rich was the Godfather of this dunk and it will always be remember as his.

This is what made everyone excited for the J-Rich era in the NBA to begin.

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