Top 5 Jason Richardson dunks from his impressive NBA career

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2. Put that back

Going into the United Center and disrespecting the Chicago Bulls is kind of a no-no for NBA players since it’s considered the house that Jordan built. However, Richardson came in and threw some shade at not one, but two, Bulls players — Tajh Gibson and Derrick Rose — while rising up and throwing down a put-back slam on a miss by Steve Nash.

Like I said earlier, his time with the Suns wasn’t exactly the lengthiest, but he really made his mark with plays like this and when you look at the replay five or ten times, you still try to figure out how he rose up so high, got enough control of the ball and threw down over a power forward who’s clearly taller than him and a former MVP.

Richardson showed no mercy on this one as the Bulls on the bench were just left to watch their teammates be put to rest because of a single dunk.

A put-back dunk is awesome in itself and so satisfying to watch, especially if it’s your own team doing the put-back, but when it’s over two guys and against the generally-hated Bulls, that just makes this dunk so much better.

Hopefully some day, we will see more dunks like this one.

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