Top 5 Jason Richardson dunks from his impressive NBA career

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4. Casual 360 slam

Talk about a flash from the past. It’s hard to even remember that Shaquille O’Neal was even a member of the Phoenix Suns, but he joined Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire and Jason Richardson in their quest to bring an NBA title to the desert.

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That never happened, so he was shipped away after two years and made rounds with what seemed like every team in the league. Well, here, he threw a perfectly-placed outlet pass to a streaking Jason Richardson who properly disposed of the basketball in the hoop after a casual ‘360’ slam.

Watching this guy perform dunks like this in actual live games was unbelievable and the fans whose teams were lucky enough to have J-Rich when he was still a ferocious dunker got to see the very best there was in the NBA during that time.

Although his time in Phoenix was short-lived, he definitely left his mark on the Suns with dunks like this and averaging 16.4, 15.7 and 19.3 points in each of the three seasons he spent with Nash and the rest of the crew.

It was dunks like these that kept people on the edge of their seats whenever he was running out on a fast break.

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