Top 5 Jason Richardson dunks from his impressive NBA career

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5. Putting Manu on a poster

First of all, this is when Raymond Felton was still somewhat relevant. Second, those Charlotte Bobcats unis were kind of cool but kind of hideous at the same time. It’s hard to believe they’ve gone back to the Charlotte Hornets, but Michael Jordan is just that awesome. And third, Manu Ginobili had absolutely no business trying to contest that.

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This dunk happened to be in the prime of Richardson’s career, just six years after he was drafted and Ginobili should have known better.

Felton drove down the court, gave a little pitch pass to Richardson and he rose up over the Spurs‘ pesky wing man to slam it down. OK, so it really wasn’t contested by Ginobili, but he definitely should have moved out of the way because I’m sure J-Rich, or his kid, already has this poster handing above his bed.

For all the Manu haters out there, this dunk has to be one of your favorites of all time. Manu was one of those players who you hated because he always hustled so much and made those little plays against your favorite team that your team should have made.

Well, your welcome, Manu haters.

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