Central Michigan vs Michigan State: 5 players who need to step up

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Sep 12, 2015; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans place kicker Michael Geiger (4) kicks a field goal out of the hold of Michigan State Spartans wide receiver Matt Macksood (86) during the 2nd half of a game at Spartan Stadium. MSU won 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

5. Michael Geiger

Michael Geiger burst onto the scene as a true freshman. In his first year, he was a weapon that was all but automatic making 15 of his 16 tries. Last year and the beginning of this year has not seen the same success. Spartan fans hold their breath every time he takes the field in an attempt to put three points on the board.

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This game should allow for Geiger to have several opportunities and he has to take advantage of them to regain his confidence. This should not be a game where he is pressured or his foot is desperately needed to produce points.

There will come a time when it’s a pressure situation and those three points will be absolutely needed and Michigan State needs Geiger to come through.

It is games like this where Geiger needs to begin to step up again. His focus and concentration have both been called in to question; kicking is as much mental as it is a physical talent. If Geiger can begin to knock down field goals and put a string together, I suspect that his confidence will be restored and Spartan fans will see the same Geiger they did two years ago because he has the physical tools.

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