Air Force vs Michigan State: 5 Spartans who will be X-factors

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Sep 12, 2015; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans quarterback Connor Cook (18) looks over offensive line during the 1st half of a game against the Oregon Ducks at Spartan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

2. Miguel Machado, OL

When junior offensive tackle Kodi Kieler went down with an injury against the Ducks last week, the panic was felt in the air by everyone who knew just how talented the offensive line was and how impressive the zero sacks allowed on the season has been.

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Filling in for one of the most underrated offensive linemen in the Big Ten wouldn’t be an easy task, but someone had to be up to the challenge.

Enter, junior offensive lineman Miguel Machado.

Well, I guess you could say fellow junior Benny McGowan has helped out as well, giving breaks to whoever needs it on the line and filling in without any hiccups. Machado has been a pleasant surprise, though.

The game was in the fourth quarter and the Spartans were leading 24-21 with the ball, and driving. One more touchdown would have likely sealed the deal, so the ball was handed off to freshman running back L.J. Scott and he took it to the house — after running through Machado’s gap.

It would be pretty easy to put one of the running backs in this slot, but we know how talented Scott and Madre London are. Their success depends on the success of this offensive line.

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