Michigan State vs Oregon: 5 bold predictions

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Sep 4, 2015; Kalamazoo, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans mascot Sparty on field prior to a game against Western MIchigan at Waldo Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

2. DeAnthony Arnett will have 100 yards

Remember how excited everyone was when DeAnthony Arnett decided to transfer back home to Michigan State from Tennessee after his freshman season in 2011? Well, the talent and potential have always been there, but the results have been extremely slow to follow.

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The senior receiver from Saginaw, Mich., has caught just eight passes for 123 yards and a touchdown over his four-year career with the Spartans and some have even given up hope that he will eventually flourish in this offense.

In week one, Arnett caught just two passes for 36 yards and his first MSU touchdown, but that showed progress. No, he didn’t ‘break out’ like many had hoped he would, but he stepped up to become at least a reliable option moving forward.

That breakout game has yet to happen, but I’m going to predict it will take place on Saturday night in front of the huge home crowd.

Arnett will catch six passes for 108 yards and another touchdown, really showing that he has what it takes to be a viable option for Cook in the pass game. I can already hear the Arnett chants reigning from the stands in the fourth quarter.

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