Michigan State Football: Game by game predictions for 2015 season

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Oct 25, 2014; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans linebacker Ed Davis (43) flies over block of Michigan Wolverines running back De’Veon Smith (4) during the 2nd half of a game at Spartan Stadium. MSU won 35-11. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first game after Oregon in which Michigan State fans had been anticipating. Michigan will get off to a surprising 5-1 start before the Michigan State contest in Ann Arbor, probably jumping into the top 25.

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You might be asking yourself, “Is this guy crazy? There’s no way Michigan starts the season 5-1 before the MSU game, right?” Wrong.

If you look at the schedule, the Wolverines have a relatively simple first six games before the contest with the Spartans on Oct. 17. In fact, their toughest game before Michigan State is probably at Utah to begin the year or at home against Oregon State the next week.

However, that strong start will have no bearing in this game as the Spartans will have a close battle with Michigan through the first three quarters before scoring twice in the fourth to put the game away for good.

This won’t be as big of a blowout as it’s been in the past few years, but Michigan State will put out the win in the end strictly because of Michigan’s lack of a solid No. 1 quarterback and the fact that Connor Cook always plays well against the Wolverines.

Derrick Green may cause the most problems for the Spartans in the run game, but Michigan State will prove once again to be the best team overall.

Prediction: Michigan State 28, Michigan 17 (7-0)

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