Michigan State spring football game: 5 bold predictions


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The day has finally arrived. The Michigan State football Spring football game is less than 24 hours away. Spartan fans will have their first chance to look at some new faces and become re-acquainted with some established names.

The player draft is in the books, the honorary captains are in place and now they will play to see who gets the steak dinner and who gets the hot dog dinner.

Before the game kicks off at 2:00 p.m. ET at Spartan Stadium tomorrow, let’s make 5 bold predictions of what will happen in the glorified scrimmage.

1. Spartan Nation will be 40,000 strong

Coach Dantonio has been making a case for 50,000 fans to make their way to view the game. This has been a valiant effort with various marketing ploys such as student practices, a “50strong” hashtag on Twitter and countless quotes to the media. The weather appears to be favorable in East Lansing, 52 and cloudy, which will help.

Jan 1, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Michigan State Spartans center Devyn Salmon (58) waves the team flag after the game against the Baylor Bears in the 2015 Cotton Bowl Classic at AT&T Stadium. Michigan State beat Baylor 42-41. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

My guess is that this will be the highest attendance for a spring game in Spartan history, but will fall just short of the 50,000 that Dantonio is seeking. However, 40,000 fans in the stadium is nothing to be ashamed of. Spartan football has come a long way.

2. Monte Nicholson will have two Interceptions 

Numerous articles, including some from Spartan Avenue, have been written about the abilities of this sophomore. As a true freshman Nicholson did see the field, even making some starts at safety, but he was still learning the system and the college football game. This spring game will be MSU fans’ first true look at Nicholson and he will not disappoint.

Montae will have two interceptions — one he will return for a touchdown. I will even go a little further and say that each of these interceptions will not be from poor throws or poor offense, but spectacular plays from Nicholson, something Spartan Nation can expect to see a lot more of in 2015.

3. Macgarrett Kings Jr. will lead in receptions 

Kings has a lot to prove with once again getting into trouble off the football field. With this upcoming year being his last, he’ll have motivation and desperation pushing him. With Aaron Burbrigde sidelined due to injury, Kings comes into the game with the most career receptions out of the wide receiver group. Besides wanting to get fully out of the dog house and desperation, he also has young and talented receivers on his heels, wanting to take away his snaps on the playing field.

Kings will show why he is the playmaker we have come to know over the past three seasons, playing at a high level. He will end up with 12 receptions for over a hundred yards and a touchdown.

4. Lawrence Thomas will have the most sacks 

Jan 1, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Michigan State Spartans defensive lineman Lawrence Thomas (8) celebrates during the game against the Baylor Bears in the 2015 Cotton Bowl Classic at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Not Shilique Calhoun, not Ed Davis, not Darien Harris, but Lawrence Thomas will end the day with the most sacks. LT has moved to the outside this spring, and although he is still very capable of playing in the middle of the defensive line, he’s going to show his worth to Spartan coaches and fans.

LT will end the day with 2.5 sacks and numerous pressures, showing he more than belongs in the rotation to play on the edge alongside a possible first round draft pick in Calhoun.

5. Gerald Holmes will have the most rushing yards 

The running back battle will not be won or lost in this game as the competition will go well into summer camp. Holmes will have more yards tomorrow than Madre London, though. Holmes will benefit from having Cook as his quarterback and in my opinion a better overall offensive line.

Both running backs will get ample carries and should accumulate yards, a more important watch may be who is better in pass protection. At the end of the game, Gerald will end up with 130 yards and a touchdown, out-dueling London on this fine spring day.

Bonus Predictions

Sparty will end the day with 15 rushing yards and one touchdown and the White Team — mainly due to having Connor Cook at quarterback — will end up the victors and with a steak dinner.

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