Michigan State Football: Ranking top 5 uniforms in Mark Dantonio era

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Michigan State football released potentially the best uniform combination of the Mark Dantonio era. Here are the top five, ranked.

Wednesday was a big day for Michigan State football. Not only did the Spartans reveal new alternate uniforms, but they debuted their first white helmet since 1954. That’s been something the fan base has wanted to see for years now, and it’s come to fruition.

Sure, the new jerseys won’t help the team win games, but it will give the program some much-needed positive attention. After a tumultuous offseason filled with off-field issues and transfers, Mark Dantonio and the Spartans are limping into the 2017 season. Not to mention the fact that this team is coming off a 3-9 season.

Let’s take our minds off the mediocre play of the last year and focus on a much lighter topic: uniform combinations. There have been quite a few during the Dantonio era, but let’s take a look at the five best, ranked. I expect this to be widely disagreed upon since my favorites seem to differ from the majority.

Take a look at the five best uniform combinations, mostly alternates and staying away from traditional, from the Dantonio era. Let the controversy begin.

5. All-white with green pride sticker helmet (2007-09)

This was one of the best looks, in my opinion. No, not just because my first year at Michigan State came during this time period, but because the all-white pants and jersey are always a good look and those old pride stickers were awesome. The Spartans used pride stickers for years, but recently decided to veer away from the classic covering the back of the helmet look.

Brian Hoyer and Javon Ringer were around when this look was fresh and it still remains one of the best combinations of the Dantonio era.

You can disagree with me since the following years yielded some ugly striped shoulders, but you won’t win. Don’t forget where the Dantonio era started. This is a classic look, especially with the subtle “Michigan State” writing on the front.

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