Michigan State Football: 10 greatest moments of the Mark Dantonio era

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Which 10 moments are considered the ‘greatest’ in the Mark Dantonio era for Michigan State football?

Since Mark Dantonio took over the Michigan State football program, the Spartans have experienced a plethora of success. Although the 2016 was the worst in the head coach’s Michigan State career, he had won 10-plus games in five of the previous six seasons, putting the program on the map.

No longer is Michigan State considered a ‘basketball school’ but rather an all-around elite sports program. If Dantonio can turn things around in 2017 and prove that 2016 was a wild outlier, the Spartans will be back in consideration as an elite college football program.

During his time in East Lansing, Dantonio has gotten to experience some of the greatest moments in Michigan State football history. While he’s had a huge hand in creating those moments, he would be the first to tell you that the players are the ones who make it possible.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 moments during the Mark Dantonio era, ranked.

Honorable Mention: Any Mike Sadler trick play

Anything involving Mike Sadler deserves a mention on this list. The former punter was one of the greatest personalities off the field, but on it, he was one heck of a talent. Although he was “just a punter”, he had the innate ability to change the momentum of a game.

The play listed above was his famous ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ in which he ran a perfect fake punt, gaining enough yards for a first down, and then some. He ended up out-rushing Iowa in the October 2013 game. There’s even a beer at a Colorado brewery being named after the play.

Sadler was fun to watch and he had plenty of moments that were worth mentioning. Looking back, any trick play he was involved in is just that much more special. He didn’t live as long as he should have because of a fatal car crash, but his memory lives on. He will never be forgotten by the countless Spartan fans he had a positive impact on.

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