Michigan State Basketball: Miles Bridges, Derrick Walton have fun Twitter battle

Michigan State basketball’s Miles Bridges and Michigan’s Derrick Walton Jr. engaged in a humorous, harmless Twitter spat on Tuesday.

You know it’s going to be a long offseason when rival fans bring up a game that ended in their favor from the previous season — and it’s only May. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, but it wasn’t a fan, it was Michigan’s All-Big Ten point guard Derrick Walton Jr.

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This led to a humorous, harmless Twitter battle between him and Michigan State’s Miles Bridges. Obviously it was all in good fun, but the blows they were exchanging in the heavyweight fight were nothing short of cold.

It all started when Miles Bridges tweeted about not letting money define people. A Michigan fan tweeted back, saying that the Wolverines hoped he would have taken the money and left for the NBA. Bridges had this to say:


Harmless, but hilarious. The fact that he’s acknowledging a Michigan fan who is basically saying that Michigan State isn’t going to be a fun team to face next season with Bridges back is just too perfect.

Walton Jr. caught wind of the tweet and had something to say about it.


Ice-cold. It’s true, though. Michigan’s 29-point win over Michigan State at Crisler had to have left a sour taste in Bridges’ mouth, although that’s not the reason he returned.

Bridges wasn’t going to let Walton Jr. have the last word, though.


Michigan’s “young boys” are in trouble next year, according to Bridges. Although he was just playing around with Walton Jr., you know there was some truth to his words. He meant what he said.

In the end, if rivalries can’t involve a little trash talking, what fun are they? Next year’s matchups with Michigan should be interesting — especially if Mo Wagner and DJ Wilson return.