Michigan State Basketball: Eron Harris’ mother sings National Anthem (Video)

Michigan State basketball surprised an emotional Eron Harris on Senior Day with the presentation of his mother singing the National Anthem.

Just a couple of hours before his emotional kiss of the court, Michigan State basketball’s senior guard Eron Harris was given a major surprise.

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After injuring his knee last Saturday, effectively ending his Michigan State playing career, Harris knew that he wouldn’t be able to play on Senior Day in front of the electric Breslin Center crowd. However, he did dress and was able to come in during the final 10 seconds of the game to kiss the Spartan logo at mid-court.

Flashing back to a couple hours earlier, Harris was unsure whether his mother would be able to attend Senior Day at Michigan State. He had been lobbying the coaching staff for an opportunity to let her sing the National Anthem for weeks and they’d been telling him they’d try to accommodate that.

Days before the game, Harris asked his mother if she had heard anything about singing the anthem and she told him that they had already found someone else and she didn’t know if she’d be able to come anyways.

So when she walked out on the court before the game as a flag stretched the length and width of the court, Harris’ teammates nudged him and let him know that his mom was about to sing the National Anthem in front of the biggest crowd she’s ever performed in front of.

Watch the beautiful anthem and emotional Harris below:

This had to be one of the best days in the senior guard’s life as he was able to participate in a Michigan State tradition and watch his mother perform the National Anthem.

Tom Izzo and the rest of the team think so highly of Harris and it showed with everything they did for him on Sunday. Cool stuff.