New NCAA Tournament rule for No. 1 seed a hit or miss?

Is the newest NCAA Tournament rule regarding No. 1 seeds a big hit or a swing and a miss?

College basketball season seems so far away still, yet big news has been made public concerning the NCAA Tournament. Michigan State fans don’t want to think about that just yet as the loss to Middle Tennessee State still stings like salt in the wound.

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Still, the NCAA has made it known that the No. 1 overall seed in next year’s tournament will be able to choose where they play their first and second-round games, according to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports.

This means a handful of teams will look at all eight first-weekend sites and let the selection committee know which one it prefers. The top-seeded program won’t know which team(s) it’ll be playing, but it will get dibs on digs, which is a nice little update.

If that doesn’t give teams more of an incentive to earn the No. 1 overall seed, I don’t know what will. Michigan State would surely be in the conversation of the top overall seed this year with a young, talented team and could be the one choosing where to play come next March.

Teams will have a choice of first and second-round locations of Buffalo, Milwaukee, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Greensboro, Indianapolis, Tulsa and Sacramento in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Michigan State would likely pick Indianapolis — close to home and it’s been good to the Spartans.

Is this new rule a hit or a miss?

You can’t be mad that the NCAA is making it more exciting for teams who could potentially earn the top seed. Having your favorite team able to choose where it plays its first two rounds is something college basketball fans will love.

Plus, if it’s a game closer to home, the home-court advantage will come into play and that’s an even more attractive idea for fans. This is a great new rule and something that should stick for years to come.

Nice move, NCAA.

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