Tom Izzo: I don’t care about next year

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo was very candid with media members after Friday’s loss.

It still stings. Losing to No. 15 seed Middle Tennessee in the first round was easily Tom Izzo’s worst defeat as Michigan State‘s head coach, and he knows it. When he met with reporters following the game, he carries a somber tone and it reflected onto his three seniors.

A tough day for sure. All of the hopes and national title aspirations were crushed by the Blue Raiders and they deserved the victory. They out-played Michigan State in every aspect of the game.

Time to move on to next year, as fans. For Izzo, though, he doesn’t care about what the future holds, he cares about his current team.

Listen to this awesome answer he gives to a reporter who asks if he is going to use this loss as fuel to motivate next year’s team:

“I don’t care about next year. I don’t care about tomorrow. That’s the problem, it’s always about what’s next.”

Candid answer from the head coach who was clearly not in the right place emotionally to deal with answering questions from the media. He handled his press conference to perfection and still showed why he’s one of the class acts in college basketball.

This answer shows just why this program is in good hands. Izzo is the best coach in school history and quite possibly the best, outside of maybe Coach K, in college basketball.

Once next year does come, though, the end to this season will be forgotten.

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