Michigan State Football ‘Unfinished Business’ rap is amazing

Connor Cook made an appearance in a Michigan State football titled ‘Unfinished Business’.

Looking for a reason to get even more excited for the Michigan State football game on Thursday evening against Alabama? Some Michigan State fans created a pretty impressive rap video, rivaling those made during the Final Four run a season ago.

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With Michigan State in the College Football Playoff for the first time since its induction last season, the Spartans are looking to win their first national title since 1966 when they tied with Notre Dame in the final voting.

The Spartans have this amazing rap video to watch before the big game, and luckily, so do you.

You have to applaud such a creative and well put-together video by a handful of kids who just love Michigan State football.

The Spartans have to face the No. 2 team in the country on Thursday and are major underdogs, to no one’s surprise, and they look to be Mark Dantonio’s most successful team since he’s been in East Lansing.

The best part of the video has to be Connor Cook raising his hand at the end, asking if the knowledge these kids just dropped would be on the test. I wonder if his appearance in the rap will discredit everything he’s done over his career such as winning two Big Ten titles, a Rose Bowl, a Cotton Bowl and 34 games.

Michigan State is getting ready to play its biggest game in decades and it will be up to this team to take care of unfinished business.