Michigan State football: Wolverines wear Spartan helmets in practice

Brady Hoke has accomplished admirable feats at Michigan since accepting the head-coaching job in 2011. He beat Ohio State, won 11 games and took his team to the 2012 Allstate Sugar Bowl in just his first season. However, the one goal he was unable to scratch off his to-do list was beat in-state rival Michigan State.

It’s obvious Hoke wants to win this weekend’s matchup more than anyone else does. The only question is: did he use a red or black Sharpie when boldly circling the Michigan State football game on the Wolverines schedule?

With permanent marker smears on his hands, Hoke fabricated these mockups of the Michigan State football helmet to help ratchet up the intensity in practice this week (as if the Wolverines needed more motivation to beat its rival):

Michigan State Spartans, MLive, http://www.flickr.com/photos/65516705@N00/8095183376/lightbox/

When the Michigan starters lineup on the ball, across the line of scrimmage is one of their teammates wearing a Duct Tape-like Spartan helmet, forcing them to focus on the green and white during each practice snap.

No player on the Michigan depth chart has ever beaten the Spartans. The thirst for a win has never been clearer in sight. Hoke was hired to do one thing at Michigan: beat Ohio State and win national titles. However, shortly beyond that list is a bullet point that says, “Beat the Spartans, control the rivalry.”

Michigan State has never beaten the Wolverines five consecutive years in a row, and it’s easy to see that Brady Hoke will not allow the Spartans to make history.

Michigan hosts Michigan State in Ann Arbor at Michigan Stadium on Saturday. The game will be televised on the Big Ten Network at 3:30 p.m. ET.