Betting on Michigan NFL

If you are considering betting on Michigan State for the BCS then you are one of those rare people who enjoy a highly optimistic nature even when faced with tough adversity. Priced at 37/13 and ranked 10th in the BCS standings there is very little chance that there will be any significant improvements. However if you are a Michigan fan don’t let that get in your way; betting on them is always a way to lend a little support and there are a few up and coming games that are certainly worth a bet.

The last time that the Michigan Wolverines gained a Big Ten title was nine years ago, so you might think that they are just about due another one any time soon. Michigan State beat the Ohio State Buckeyes last week and just a week before Michigan Wolverines came very close to doing so. It seems that there is a problem transitioning from the offensive style of Rich Rodriguez to the more traditional style of Brady Hoke. However according to reports, fans shouldn’t lose faith in the current coaching line-up; if might be slow progress but it seems that they are getting there.

In the mean time you might care to check out your own chances on some of the present crop of online casino slots that are based on various sports. The top NFL slot at is called Touchdown and it is well paced slot with some top prizes, but if you are looking for a gentler experience you might care to have a few spins on the baseball themed slot called Hot Shot. This game doesn’t have the usual clutch of bonus features; instead it is all about bet and spin with frequent payouts. The top prize is just $2,000 but there is a realistic chance of winning it. This low stakes cage is very playable without spending too much money.

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