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100th Rose Bowl: No. 4 Michigan State Vs. No. 5 Stanford Cardinal

The oldest bowl game in college history, “The Rose Bowl” or referred to by many as “The Granddaddy of Them All,” kicks off for the 100th time on January 1st for what will be the last scheduled Rose Bowl in Rose Bowl Stadium.

Will they end up playing the Rose Bowl at the Rose Bowl Stadium again? Probably, although, as of right now for next season, the BCS is implicating a four game play-off system that will disrupt the flow of the beloved Rose Bowl traditions.

But for this season, the traditions will live on and in true competitive Rose Bowl fashion. The last four Rose Bowls have been decided by ten points or less, and this one looks to be a game that could be just as close and just as intense and exciting. No. 4 Michigan State and No. 5 Stanford will go up against each other. Both teams have outstanding defense, especially against the run, and both teams also have a great running game that is hard to stop.

This will only be the 6th time that Stanford and Michigan State will go up against each other. Stanford is returning to the Rose Bowl game after winning last season in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, 20-14. This is also a monumental game for Stanford because they played in the very first Rose Bowl, in 1902, against University of Michigan where they took a devastating loss, so bad that they gave up in the third quarter, handing Michigan the game, 49-0.

Michigan State breaks a 25-year drought by making it to the big game this year. They are coming in with nine straight wins and a Michigan State best ever 12-1 record. Head coach Mark Dantonio is the main reason for the success of a team that has spent most of its existence in the shadows of a more powerful and publicized U of M team. Since Dantonio has taken over, outside of last season where neither U of M or MSU had done very well, Michigan State has increasingly been showing the college football nation that they are not the sister team to U of M anymore.

With next years new four game play-off rule and Michigan State’s long-awaited return, Forbes reported that these will be the most expensive Rose Bowl tickets ever, in fact, they are already 112% more than the last two seasons. With tickets averaging $900.00, the Michigan State Federal Credit Union is offering student loans starting at a minimum of $1000.00 to students for tickets to the game. Giving student loans to students who usually are already in quite a bit of dept as it is, doesn’t seem like a very good ideal. But when it comes to football and student fans, sometimes common sense just doesn’t mean very much, it’s all about the once-in-a-life-time experience.

It’s the “Granddaddy of Them All,” and with both teams having two productive quarterbacks that can deliver the ball when needed (Connor Cook, MSU and Kevin Hogan, Stanford), and two productive running backs who have nothing short of impressive stats already on the season (Jeremy Langford, MSU and Tyler Gaffney, Stanford), the game should live up to the hype that it so likely deserves.


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