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Michigan State Spartans Clinch Their Division

It’s not a big surprise that MSU made light work of the Northwestern football team this Sat. Northwestern has yet to win a game this season, and hosting one of the best defensive teams in the Nation on such a cold windy day proved to be to much for them.

Northwestern’s first devastating blow of the game and quite possibly the beginning of the end for them, was a hit that senior QB Kain Colter took that injured him and put him out of the game early. The knockout hit came from safety Isaiah Lewis, who was ejected from the game for the hit. Targeting was the call that sent Lewis to the locker room. Nobody from the MSU side agreed with the decision including Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio, who was asked at halftime about it and only had this much to say, “I thought it was a great hit.”

He was also asked about a miss management of the clock at the end of the 2nd quarter, the second time this season MSU had a miss communication at the end of the 2nd, both times costing them points before halftime. Dantonio obviously not happy with the situation, avoided the question replying with nothing more than, “ask me another question.”

Regardless of the clock management problem, there wasn’t much Northwestern could do. Northwestern did have a couple of good plays that landed them inside of MSU’s ten yard-line twice, but both times the defense would hold them to a field goal, the only two scores Northwestern would make in the game.

But MSU’s offense excelled just as well as their defense. Conner Cook threw for 293 yards with 2 TDs, one that included a 87 yard pass to Bennie Fowler for a TD that ended up being MSU’s longest play of the year.

Jeremy Langford also found the end-zone twice, running for 150 yards — which makes him the first player since Lorenzo White, in 1985, to have six games in one season with more than 100 yards of rushing.

This win clinched the Legends Division and will send MSU looking for a chance to play at the Rose Bowl. But first they will have to play their toughest team all season, Ohio State. 2013 Big Ten Championship tickets at Lucas Oil Stadium are still available  so make sure to grab some now before the prices skyrocket. But before they get to that game they have one more game to play next week against Minnesota. The outcome of that game won’t change anything, just a chance for MSU to keep their No.1 defense revved up and their offense clicking.

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