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Tom Izzo Takes the Podium on Big-Ten Media Day

As Tom Izzo takes to the podium on Big-Ten Media Day in his 19th seaons, he carries with him an impressive stat: Every four-year player he has recruited in his career has made it to the final four at least once. And living up to his reputation this year should not be to hard as his squad which is filled with stat producing returning starters was picked #1 in the Big-Ten by the media on Thusday.

“I think we deserve to be up there; I’m not sure we deserve to be where we are. Not sure anybody at this date in time deserves to be ranked there. I think we’ve got a veteran team, I think we’ve added some pieces and we’ve gotten some guys healthy,” Izzo.

Izzo seems to be excited about having Gary Harris healthy, “I think Harris played half the seasons hurt last year.” Izzo’s plan this year is to utilize Harris’ healthiness to speed up the team. He claims with both wings running fast he will be able to put the pressure on the opposing defenses that he was not able to do last year.

Izzo’s squad proved just how fast they can be on Tuesday night when they defeated Grand Valley State with ease —  101-52, an unusual triple digit showing for a college game. Granted Grand Valley State is just a cup-cake team, the MSU squad made light work of them and showed the nation they were not scared to put points on the board.

In Chicago today, Izzo expressed his concerns of the competition that he will be facing this year, saying, “a few years ago there were only three or four ranked teams we would have to worry about, but know the competition has grown to somewhere around 13 or 14, but that should make for some pretty good basketball”

In making light of things, when Izzo was in the hot seat at the podium, in-between questioning, he joked, “this is going great, you guys are sleeping, I love it.” Izzo wasn’t the only coach that was spared a harsh line of questioning, everyone seem to be a little off-beat on this raining Thursday.

Michigan State has one more exhibition game against Indian University before their Nov. 08 season starter against McNeese State.

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