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Spartan's Midnight Madness - Tonight

As Tom Izzo gets ready to enter his 19th season – it might just be his most promising season outlook yet. As of Thursday, the USA Today coaches preseason polls rank Michigan State No. 2 in the nation just behind the Kentucky Wildcats.

Also, the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Year Book or (Bible) has State ranked No. 1 and the Lindy and CBS polls all have the same three teams ranked in the top three spots – Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals and MSU.

With 6 returning players of an 8 man rotation and a healthy Gary Harris, Tom Izzo’s squad looks better than ever. It almost seems that Michigan State is already a shoe-in for the Final-Four in Dallas this year.

Even though the Spartans have been practicing since Sept. 27 – tonight’s Midnight Madness is their official start to their season. With their first home opener on Nov. 8 at the Breslin Center against Mcneese State and 4 short days later another game in Chicago against No.1 Kentucky, the proof of just how much of a shoe-in they will be for the Final-Four is right around the corner.

But tonight, Michigan State will kick off their season at the Brelsin Center with the traditional Midnight Madness program – doors open at 8:30 and the festivities will start at 9:30. This will be the first chance for fans to see the team in action. Both the men’s and women’s basketball roster and coaches will be introduced to kick off the 2013-2014 season.

Tom Izzo has a history of surprising entrances on the night of Midnight Madness, so the question is today how will Izzo’s entrance surprise the crowd this year? It’s reported that Izzo’s entrance should be shocking to say the least. Joe Rood, Michigan State’s assistant director of sales and marketing only had this to say about what might happen tonight, “it’ll be a big shot blast I guess is all we can really say,” hinting toward some type of explosion, some speculate.

Midnight Madness admission is free, open to the public and includes autographs by the players, promotional giveaways and performances by the cheer-leading squad, the marching band, MSU’s dance team and of course fans will be graced by the presence of MSU mascot Mr. Sparty himself.

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