Michigan State Basketball: Jonathan Williams III Signs For Missouri, Now What?

Michigan State basketball is looking to sign elite players for their 2013 recruiting class. With the number one prospect in the country, Jabari Parker, considering Michigan State, they are off to a good start. The Spartans will have many players returning in 2013, but they would still like to add another player to the recruiting class. The chances of that happening now appear to be extremely slim. With Jonathan Williams’s III recent commitment to Missouri, Michigan State now has a large problem on their hands.

Losing out on Jonathan Williams III is a problem for a handful of reasons. While the Spartans appear to be one of the frontrunners for Jabari Parker’s signature, there is no guarantee that he will commit to Michigan State. If they lose out on Williams III and Parker, chances are they will not have a single elite recruit in the 2013 class. This might not have an extreme impact on the 2013 season, but going forward it is not ideal to not have one elite recruit from a recruiting class. This puts extreme pressure on Izzo to get Parker and if he doesn’t, there’s no question that he will face major criticism for a nonexistent recruiting class. Izzo had a lot riding on Williams III and he now needs to use this opportunity to make another marquee signing. It is unlikely that Izzo will get another elite recruit in the 2013 class. So, he should save that scholarship for the 2014 or 2015 classes.

Cliff Alexander, Ty Jones, and Jahlil Okafor are a couple names in the 2014 class that Izzo could use the scholarship on. Cliff Alexander has expressed interest in Michigan State, and he is one of Izzo’s top targets. Alexander is from Chicago, plays power forward, and is the ninth ranked player in the 2014 class. He has expressed interest in Kentucky, which is a red flag, but he has shown interest in Michigan State and would really bolster the front line. Jones and Okafor are a really interesting possibility. They both attend Apple Valley High School in Minnesota. They plan to go to college together. They have been taking trips together and are both elite talents. Jones is rated as the best point guard in the class and Okafor the best center. Michigan State has offered both, and if they can get them it would be monumental for the program.

The 2015 recruiting class is just beginning to really take shape. So it’s difficult to really pinpoint some possibilities for Michigan State basketball. One is Trevor Manuel from Lansing Sexton High School. Close to Michigan State, it seems as if the Spartans can make his signing a reality pretty quickly. He’s also been offered by Michigan and it’s always nice

Jonathan Williams III
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to beat out a rival for a recruit. Another recruit is Karl Towns Jr. The highest rated center in the class, he has offers from nearly everyone. Getting him would represent a Jabari Parker like signing. His signature will be highly contested for. With a lot of time for recruits to decide where they want to go or where they are interested in, the 2015 class is a wild card right now.

The Jonathan Williams III snub hurts Michigan State basketball in the short term. They counted on him to compliment Jabari Parker or be the elite recruit of the 2013 class. Izzo will not be happy about losing him. Now is the time for this setback to be used to create a new opportunity. Izzo should now concentrate on signing those elite recruits in the 2014 and 2015 classes. Missing out on Jonathan Williams III may hurt this recruiting class, but there’s no reason Izzo can’t turn this negative into a positive, with the signing of a elite prospect.

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