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Michigan State Basketball: Will Jonathan Williams III Be A Spartan?

Michigan State basketball’s recruiting class of 2013 could be one for the ages. With top recruit Jabari Parker strongly considering the Spartans, he alone would make the 2013 recruiting class great. The recruiting class could be put over the top by one more signature. Though James Young and Demetrius Jackson had expressed interest and been offered scholarships, Young recently committed to Kentucky and Jackson has not expressed a lot of interest in Michigan State. So this leaves Jonathan Williams III, the key to making the 2013 recruiting class historic.

            It’s clear the if Michigan State basketball happens to land Jabari Parker that it will be a monumental step for the program. Signing Jonathan Williams III would make the recruiting class that much better. There are some factors that are working both for and against the Spartans. For one, a lot depends on Parker’s decision and how Williams III reacts to it. Does he relish the idea of playing with a big star like Parker, or would he feel overshadowed and undervalued in that situation? Also, the frontcourt could be stacked, assuming no one leaves. Adreian Payne, Parker (if he commits), and Branden Dawson all would be vying for playing time. Whether this would intrigue Williams III or deter him from choosing Michigan State is anyone’s guess. One major factor is a huge positive for Michigan State. At that point, granted if everyone returns, they will have a legitimate shot at a national title. Michigan State offers if not the best shot to win in 2013, than certainly one of the best. If Williams III wants to win there are not many more attractive options than Michigan State. Williams III is from Tennessee so location is not really a plus or minus. When it comes to recruiting Williams III a lot is still up in the air.

            If Michigan State basketball can capture Jabari Parker’s signature, it will lift the program, in terms of exposure and skill. Securing Jonathan Williams III signature would only enhance Parker’s signing. Though there are a lot of unknown factors surrounding Williams’ III decision, it seems as if Michigan State has a good as shot as any to sign him. Williams III could be a key addition to the 2013 recruiting class and Michigan State basketball’s 2013 national championship hopes.

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  • bleedgreen

    “For one, a lot depends on Parker’s decision and how Williams III reacts to it.”

    Can I have your job? I will do a better job. Williams III is announcing where he will attend school on Thursday, October 18th at 5 PM on ESPN U. Jabari isn’t making his first official visit until Saturday. He will be visiting Michigan State, followed by Duke, and Florida. How does Jabari’s decision impact Williams III decision? Oh wait, it doesn’t. Actually, Williams III signing may help sign Jabari.


    A spartan fan who actually keeps up to date

  • turrible

    im sorry, but this is just bad,bad,bad.

  • Msu

    “Jackson has not expressed a lot of interest in michigan state” ya maybe because he committed to ND a few weeks ago..

  • Tom Clark

    This may be the worst article I’ve ever read. No, seriously.

  • Steve

    Hoping to spark up some last minute conversation among Spartan fans before his decision tonight. Down to 3, Mizzou, us, and Georgetown. Lots of speculation as to where he goes, but if we don’t get him, we realistically only have one shot of getting anyone in the top 100, Jabari Parker. All is well in Sparty land if we do land JP, but if we don’t it seems like it would negatively impact our 2014 recruits as well…Okafor, Tyus Jones, Alexander, etc. We would have 5 scholarships open for 2014! We have enough talent that it shouldn’t be a big deal to not land anyone in 2013, but just the idea of it seems to tarnish our recruiting efforts. Thoughts anyone?

    • bleedgreen

      I think landing Jabari and J3 put us in the top with Florida and Kentucky for the 2014 championship. Okafor and Jabari talk frequently. So landing Jabari helps open the doors for Okafor/jones combo pack and gets us back into chicago.
      I think J3 is down to Sparty and Georgetown.

      Finally, I think the person who wrote this article should be fired!

      • Steve

        Ya, I hear j3′s father is pushing MSU, but he has been recruited for a really long time by Georgetown. Almost as long as we have been recruiting JP. It seems his decision making was over once he visited MSU, so that is either a good thing for us, or he just decided Georgetown it is. He was supposed to visit TX last week, but cancelled at the last minute. Less than 5 hours and we will know. As for JP, I truly think it is really down to us and Duke. Location to his family should be huge from what I hear. The article is just poor!